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Sky News Appoints Twitter Representative

Citing the power of the blogging website Twitter in keeping web users abreast about the happenings around, Sky News has appointed a full-time Twitter correspondent, who would fetch the breaking news stories from the website.

Media producer Ruth Barnett has been named as the Twitter correspondent for Sky news, and his job profile doesn’t actually involve putting news on the blogging website, but to search the Twittersphere for some interesting and big news stories.

Though this isn’t the first time when Twitter is going to be used as a handy resource to extract news stories, but Sky News has become the first news organization to officially appoint a correspondent for the website.

The idea of employing a correspondent for the micro-blogging seems to be a lucrative one, as it has been observed that a number of breaking news stories have come through Twitter’s platform first place.

Since stories on Twitter should take time to confirm, using the platform to a large extent doesn’t seem to be sensible, but it could be very useful when used as an additional tool news gathering tool.

Commenting upon her appointment as a Twitter correspondent, Barnett said in a statement, “it’s about having someone who can flag up news when something's kicking off, and to talk back to people to see what their opinion is”.

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Our Comments

We remember fondly when a few news outlets went on Second Life, which was the Twitter of the day then, to gather news a few years ago. Twitter however is different as it is way simpler and has proved to be an invaluable information source in a number of occasions like the Hudson bay crash.

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