Wolfram Alpha Search Engine Could Bring Down Google

It seems that Google’s monopoly in the search engine domain is soon to be challenged by a new smart internet search engine, codenamed as “Wolfram Alpha”, developed by a British physicist Stephen Wolfram.

The new search engine, which Wolfram says will be available in a couple of months, would attempt to handle some of the shortcomings of contemporary internet search by comprehending searchers' questions and explicitly replying to them.

Wolfram quoted that though the existing search engines are good at organizing the knowledge that has been created on the web, as users can extract texts and phrases from the billions of web pages, but they’re unable to work out new things.

Along the same line, he wrote in his blog post, “But we can’t compute from that. And in effect, we can only answer questions that have been literally asked before. We can look things up, but we can’t figure anything new out”.

According to Wolfram, his search site understands the users’ queries, and presents the most suitable answers calculated using its extensive scientific and mathematical search engines.

Furthermore, he further went on to say that Wolfram Alpha is “like plugging into a vast electronic brain”, and it offers impressive and precise answers to users’ questions, without only looking up into any database for the purpose.

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Our Comments

It will be interesting to see what happens next. Wolfram Alpha's description of its secretive search engine is cryptic and blurry enough to make some dubious about its claims. Needless to say that others such as Powerset or Cuil have tried to claim Google's throne before without any success.

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