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Hyundai To Debut Affordable Sim Free Phone Watch

Hyundai's MB-910 Phone Watch might not have the same set of features or allure as its rival launched by LG last month, but it could yet pull some impressive sales figures by the end of the year thanks to a more affordable price.

The phone, from yet another Korean Chaebol, marks Hyundai entry in the mobile phone market and is actually the company's second mobile phone watch after the launch of the 2007 W-100 "Personal Mobile Gateway" that came with an MP3 player and a microSD slot.

The MB-910 is expected to come to the market in the second quarter of 2009 (before the end of June) and will be available for only £200 SIM-Free, that's a fifth of LG's £1000 suggested retail price.

Hyundai's Wrist watch phone is a GPRS Tri-band phone (no 3G here), comes with a Bluetooth handset, an email client, the ability to play back both video and music, as well as a 132x176 pixel touchscreen.

Other notable features include a 128MB built in flash memory (but no memory card slot) and the fact that it weighs only 58g. The MB-910 looks very much like a classic wrist watch.

The wrist mobile phone is expected to have a battery life of roughly three hours worth of talk time (70 hours on standby) thanks to a 400mAh battery. There's no camera so video calls are out of question.

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Our Comments

Hyundai is a complete newbie in the mobile phone market. But don't be fooled by its lack of experience. Hyundai has immense resources and could potentially make its way into the top 10 mobile phone makers fairly quickly. It launched a 20 Euros phone (the Chico) that looks more like a calculator than a phone while the MB-490i and the MB-D650 look different enough from the rest of the competition to attract some interest.

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