BBC Mobile Website Gets Refreshed

The BBC has relaunched its mobile BBC website to keep up with the widget-enabled desktop version of the BBC's website, although it is fully available to online users as well.

The site is available at and has been in beta for some time; punters can try it using a virtual phone screen which allows them to scroll and click around to get the feel.

Users will be able to customise their homepage and can either shrink or expand sections - like in the full size version - depending on their likings.

BBC Coders have been particularly keen to make the site compatible with the latest smartphones and have added to the list the following: iPhone, iPod Touch, Google Android, phones equipped with Opera's browser; the Nokia N Series and 'high-end' Nokias, Sony Ericsson and Samsung phones loaded with the popular Net Front 3.3+ browser as well as some Blackberry models.

The iPlayer could be added to the mix at a later stage. The corporation has also highlighted the fact that the homepage will have a more "live and up to date feel" partly due to the fact that users can add localised content such as news, weather and TV schedules.

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Our Comments

As with the iPlayer, the BBC is showing the way. Although particularly media rich, the website loads quite quickly and should be a hit with smartphone owners. Incidentally, the BBC said that mobile devices are responsible for 3 percent of all the traffic directed to the iPlayer. While it is still a trickle, it comes as a surprise given that streaming video to one's phone is still in its early days.

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