Google G1 Android Smartphone Gets First Patch

Google has released its first patch, v1.1, for unlocked G1 Smartphones which have been used by developers and apparently fixes a number of issues and bugs.

The patch also allows users to see paid apps in Google's Marketplace and introduces support for video search as well and can either be downloaded over the air or as a 37MB download from HTC's website.

The Android Dev Phone 1 or ADP1 is still sold for $400 and comes as a fully opened box with full read/write root access to the file system. Originally, the phone prevented developers from copying, hacking and distributing paid-for android apps.

The new code will allow users to access non-DRM premium Android applications which may or may not increase the risk of piracy.

Dan Morrill, Developer Advocate for Android, declared that "Many developers are concerned about the unauthorised redistribution of their applications, so they make use of the copy-protection feature (known as 'forward locking') which prevents applications from being copied off devices"

Meanwhile, paid applications for the Android are set to be released in the UK soon as T-Mobile allows developers to charge for the apps via the UK Android Market.

T-Mobile announced during a developer event in London that ""From tomorrow [Thursday 12th], UK customers will have paid apps on the phone, and there'll be a wide selection of paid apps on the market and will include EA Mobile Games and Guitar Hero World Tour.

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Our Comments

Android is showing its teeth, but there are STILL only two smartphones. That's not enough and given the expectations that have been induced by last year's inaugural Android launch, we have yet to be wooed. Android currently lacks traction and it would have been helpful had Google launched a proper Google Phone.

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