T-Mobile Grabs Top Spot In Best Value Mobile Broadband Survey

A research carried out amongst 2000 mobile broadband users by Yougov found out that T-Mobile came on top in nine out of 13 categories surveyed.

Value for money; reliability during the day; upload speeds; download speeds; getting connected; ease of use; billing; installation and customer services were some of the critical variables analysed by Yougov.

Yougov says that this is the largest independent sample to be queried in the UK and comes after T-Mobile came second in two previous studies back in June and October 2008.

The head of internet and entertainment for T-Mobile UK, Richard Warmsley, stated that "The results of this latest YouGov mobile broadband survey indicate that we’re offering our internet customers the right mix of consistent performance and service, at a fair price."

T-Mobile carried out its own internal survey, finding out that its service was on average 35 percent faster than the competition. The Deutsche-Telekom owned company also said that they are currently in the process of upgrading their infrastructure.

The upgrade in the Greater London area and in other major UK cities will bump the download speed to up to 7.2Mbps with a realistic download peed of 4.5Mbps, which is much more than the average broadband landline speed in the UK.

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Our Comments

T-Mobile might not be the biggest mobile broadband provider in the country but it surely is one of the more aggressive type. It is worth noting that T-Mobile is already collaborating with 3 to extend its network coverage across UK. T-Mobile is currently selling its Mobile Broadband Plus offer for £15 per month on an 18-month contract.

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