Virgin Mobile Comes Top of Which? Mobile Broadband Tests

Consumer Magazine Which? has crowned mobile broadband newcomer Virgin Mobile as best mobile internet service of the country as the firm topped three wireless broadband categories.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator Virgin Media beat 3, Orange, O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone in the "mobile usability category" and was found to be the most accessible and user friendly as well as having the best customer service.

Likewise, Virgin Media's procedure to setup the mobile broadband service was the easiest of the lot. At the other end of the spectrum, Vodafone was found to be the most complicated to set up.

Overall, T-Mobile was found to be the fastest and 3 UK, the slowest. This is somewhat contradictory since both companies are already sharing resources.

The results come a few hours after another survey by Yougov found that T-Mobile came up first in nine out of 13 mobile broadband categories.

The Director of Mobile broadband at Virgin Media, Graeme Oxby stated that "It's fantastic that Virgin Media mobile broadband is achieving such acclaim. We always set out to deliver a mobile broadband product that would compliment our fibre optic and ADSL offerings, which meant ensuring our high standards of usability, simplicity and service were met."

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Our Comments

It seems that Which? did not consider pricing when testing the mobile broadband service. Virgin media costs £5 per month (for the 1GB data transfer) when taken with a Broadband L package from Virgin Media. The 3GB costs £15 per month. In comparison, Three's 5GB contract costs £15 per month although the 1GB version is available for £10.

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