MIT Devises Li-Ion Batteries That Charge In 10 Seconds

A group of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed an innovative battery technology that can be fully recharged in just few seconds instead of several hours, according to the science journal Nature.

The new innovative technology, which involves modifications in traditional Li-ion battery, is capable of charging the battery 100 times faster than the conventional battery, and could be used in a range of devices, including mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras, and laptops, within a couple of years or so, says scientists.

The scientists further claimed that the new technology could even enable an electric car to get fully recharged within few minutes, thereby removing one of the biggest obstacles in the adoption of these eco-friendly electric cars.

Since the material used in this innovative technology is same as that being used in conventional batteries, there wouldn’t be any problem in producing such batteries at massive scales, the team of scientists added.

Gerbrand Ceder, at the MIT, along with his student Byoungwoo Kang, have developed a surface structure by coating the cathode with lithium phosphate glass, to let the ions accelerate around the outer layer of cathode, and when such high-speed ions reach a tunnel, they instantly get diverted into it, thereby leading to faster recharging of the batteries.

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Our Comments

Personally, I wouldn't mind waiting for 60 seconds. If one big company like Panasonic/Sanyo or Duracell manages to buy the technology, that could well spark a revolution similar to that induced by the original portable battery. The prospect of charging a car faster than actually refuelling it could usher a new generation of more environmentally friendly vehicles as well.

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