Online Speed Tests Are Misleading Says Virgin media

Keeping up with its allegations over inconsistent and erratic broadband speed results a few months ago, the UK-based cable company Virgin Media has now come up with new set of findings, which claim that the speed-testing websites are actually “misleading” the users.

The company, which provides fibre-optic broadband services, some of which offer speeds up to 50Mbps, asserted that the measurement methods and metrics employed by these websites were erroneous.

Although the new findings indicated an improvement in the speed evaluation performance, the company complains that some of these comparison and speed-test websites are still offering flawed results.

According to the company’s latest reports, was charged with “releasing monthly results using inaccurate data”, whereas and offered “inconsistent results”.

Charging firms with providing false data, Jon James, director of broadband at Virgin Media, said in a statement, “The fact that many of them cannot accurately measure speeds of 20Mb, and some cannot even accurately measure speeds of 10Mb, demonstrates there is a clear need for more transparency”.

He further went on to say that as speedier broadband services, like 50Mbps, are being embraced at a rapid pace, the issue of inaccurate measurements of broadband speeds must be addressed as soon as possible.

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Our Comments

Virgin Media probably need to help online speed checkers to make sure that they accurately depict Virgin Media's speed. Still, the easiest way to test your speed has (and is still is) to download a huge file and work out an average. With the rise of 20Mbps or more broadband lines, this issue will only become more acute.

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