Online To Trounce Press Revenues, Will Jump Into The Ring With TV

Whilst doom and gloom stories resonate, online media owners (including myself) seem almost embarrassed to admit that our sector remains reasonably strong.

The bubble bursts for online back in 2000/2001 when new media publishers finally started to get real with their business models and revenue targets and unrealistic business models were rightly shaken out.

Since then online advertising has grown phenomenally to command nearly 19% of all advertising spend in the UK (PDF) and is fast chasing Press Advertising and Television for champions belt.

I predict that the IAB will shortly announce that online will surpass Press advertising and will be biting hard at the heels of television advertising. I guess this is not too difficult to predict when you look at recent results from Johnston Press.

Although online and television will be in the ring fighting for the title of UK Champion, in the longer term, its likely that these media formats will merge into one. So who cares?

With just 6 weeks to go before the end of its financial year, Net Communities - the Publishers of - is reporting its best year ever and continues to report strong growth.

With a keen eye on internet television opportunities, Net Communities expects to dramatically extend its offering in internet television through its partnership with sites like with more like this soon to be announced.

Positive results are echoed by recent results from Pearson, owners of the and Martin Sorrells of WPP. Things may be reasonably positive, but we all we must remain fighting fit to stay in with a chance to be crowned champions.