£34.95 Newnet 44mbps Home S 40ND Broadband Connectivity

NewNet is an established telecommunications services provider with a sound financial background and is recognised as the market leader in webhosting, colocation, fast reliable Internet access, also providing wireless connectivity, voice services, satellite ground station services and bespoke fibre optic networks.

For £34.95, you get two ADSL lines combined into a single 44mbps connection. You will need to buy a ZyXEL P-663H router at £299 with a connection cost of £98.90. Note that two BT lines are required. Each costing £11.50 per month. You will also get a single Static IP address.

You can buy this 40mbps for £34.95 per month. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.

Home S 40meg ND details

Up to 44meg download speed

Up to 2.6meg upload speed

Unlimited monthly data transfer

FREE email anti-virus & anti-spam

100 POP3 mailboxes

Webmail (access your mail anywhere)

1 month term

FREE dialup access

UK helpdesk support

Online support