£74.99 Asus VW195D, 19-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

The 19" wide format VW195D TFT screen from Asus guarantees incredible quality displays for all the most common applications.

Including "Splendid Video Intelligence" visual technology, which automatically improves image quality, this screen also has 5 preset modes that you can access quickly via its buttons.

The VW195D has some impressive features, such as a brightness level of 300cd/m² and a high contrast rate of 800:1, as well as a fast response time of just 5 ms, resulting in excellent quality, fluid images that are rich in colour.

The VW195D TFT screen from Asus is the perfect choice to round out your computing set-up.

Technical Details

Convenient hotkeys

19-inch wide screen with high resolution and wide viewing angles

Rapid 5 ms response time and 300 nits high brightness for smooth, bright and vivid quality

16.7 million display colours deliver rich and colourful images

25 degree (forward 5 degrees, backwards 20 degrees) tilting angle

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