Apple Will Unveil iPhone OS 3.0 On March 17

Apple has started to send invitations for a special media event to US journalists; the event will be held next Tuesday, 17th of March, and will shed more light on iPhone OS 3.0, Apple's smartphone third platform version.

According to Ars Technica, the invitation only media event (to which the likes of Arrington and Scoble are usually invited) will give the media a "sneak peek" at what Apple is planning to incorporate in iPhone OS v3.0 as well as the smartphone maker's new Software Development Kit.

Held at Apple's Corporate Campus in Curpertino, California, the event will be pivotal for to assess what priorities Apple has set for the next version of the iPhone. The previous one was released back in July 2008.

The jump from 1st generation to the 2nd one was a clear one with the integration of 3G capability, a paradigm shift which lead to the launch of the App Store and its expected $1 billion revenues this year.

We've compiled a list of 20 features that Apple could possibly add to the next iPhone. You can follow on Twitter @itproportal.

Our Comments

Apple though needs to strike the right balance to make sure that (a) it doesn't offer too many features to its customers (or else the transition to iPhone 2010 will not be a smooth one) (b) it offers enough differentiation between itself and the growing masses of competitors (Magic, Storm, Pre et al).

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