BBC May Fund UK's Broadband Plans Says Lord Carter

The BBC could be called upon to play a more prominent role when it comes to investing in UK's next generation broadband network according to the communications minister Lord Carter.

It would not be the first time that a broadcaster would be doing so; Virgin media, Tiscali and Sky all have interests in content production and high speed internet as well.

Lord Carter asserted that the BBC could provide portion of necessary funds required to materialise the government"s objective of making broadband available to every household in UK.

In his report, tagged as "Digital Britain", published in January, Lord Carter outlined his ambitious plans to make broadband available to every UK household by 2012, with the broadband connections would have minimum download speeds up to 2Mbps, which lets viewing of video over the web.

In addition, the report further asked ministers to figure out that whether public funding was essential for enhancing the availability of superfast broadband connectivity.

Speaking to MPs, Lord Carter asserted that a majority of people were getting their media content from the web, and predicted that as much as 20 percent of media consumption is all set to be web-based in foreseeable future.

Commenting upon the role of BBC in subsidising the proposed ‘broadband for all" plans, he said in a statement, "Would the nation's state-funded content provider have a role in this? It would seem to me it would".

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Our Comments

Interesting comment indeed from Lord Carter. The BBC has been pivotal into ushering a new era of online video on demand which is causing millions to download and view movies online. Internet Service Providers have, in the past, demanded that the BBC pay them for the stress and pressure that the Beeb is putting on their networks. They might have found a new friend in Lord Carter

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