Bletchley Park Receives £600,000 Funding For Repairs And Maintenance

Bletchley Park, which saw some of the most epic battles in the history of computing, has secured £600,000 worth of funding after Milton Keynes Council agreed to match the pledge by English Heritage to help the site.

The funds wil be used for essential maintenance and repairs of the heritage site whic saw numerous code-breaking attempts in World War II and the birth of Colossus, the world's first programmable, digital, electronic, computing devices.

After a vote by local residents, Milton Keynes has agreed to provide funding worth £100,000 a year for up to three years, in a bid to offer necessary support for maintenance and repairs at the historical site that many believe as the "birthplace" for modern computers.

English Heritage last year paid £330,000 to help with required repairs to the mansion"s roof, and threw a challenge to other organizations to come forward to save this historically important site from further damages.

Along the same line, Dr Simon Thurley, chief exec English Heritage, said in a statement, "When we announced our initial £300,000 grant last year for urgent roof repairs to the Grade II listed mansion, I laid down the gauntlet by pledging another £100,000 each year over three years if match funding could be found".

Simon Greenish, director for the Bletchley Park Trust, has conveyed his gratitude to the two organizations collaborating in providing the essential funding to save the site, and especially to the local residents of Milton Keynes who voted to "support Bletchley Park in the Milton Keynes Council Budget Consultation.

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Our Comments

Bletchley Park holds a special place in the history of computer technology and it is great that at a time where bank bailouts are costing the taxpayers tens of billions of pounds, those same taxpayers found the resources to help keep the park running smoothly. But while this is enough for now, piecemeal funding is only a temporary solution.

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