The World Wide Web Is 20 Years Old Today

The modern day internet, better known as the "World Wide Web", which has completely transformed the way we live, has entered into its twenties today as many will mark the anniversary.

Its inception dates back to 13 March 1989, when a computer scientist, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, popularly known as CERN Laboratory, presented a paper containing means and methods by which particles physics scientists could easily share and find out essential electronics documents.

At that time, the use of internet was limited to defence and academics domains only and communication was wholly text-based, banking on general newsgroups, along with remote Telnet chat to send messages.

The document, entitled "Information Management: A Proposal", heralded the worth of simplified iteration of Standard Generalised Markup Language, and it described what is now known as world wide web that has annealed into almost every sphere of our lifestyles.

The paper resulted into the creation of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), a coding language used to illustrate methods of presenting images and texts in the web format, and when this language get combined with Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Uniform Resource Locator (URL), it build an essential framework to support sharing of electronic documents in an electronic format.

In order to mark the twentieth birthday of the web, CERN will be hosting a couple of "short presentations from web veterans, in addition to a keynote speech from Sir Tim Berners-Lee, alongside a demonstration of the original browser".

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Our Comments

The WWW has revolutionised the way information is transferred and has changed the life of many, including lads at, forever. The days of 56K modem where egg timers were a familiar sight are long gone. Having a service like Youtube or Spotify was near science-fiction. The world wide web on the whole has matured considerably and will almost certainly look distinctly different in 10 years time.

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