Apple TV To Morph Into Wii-like Gaming Console

In what seems to be an effort to lure the gaming enthusiasts, Apple has filed a patent application for developing its own Wii-style wireless remote control system, apparently intended for the Apple TV.

The patent application contained a schematic reference, which clearly shows various symbols exclusive to Apple, such as an icon for its browser Safari, along with images that bear close resemblance with iPhoto-like app.

The patent filing, which depicts a “remote wand for controlling the operations of a media system”, clearly indicates that the company is looking forward to enhance Apple TV’s offerings in a bid to make it a full-fledged entertainment system.

The filing suggests that the new remote controller, codenamed as “wand”, could be used for a variety of applications, such as “an image application, a media application, a keyboard application, an illustration application and zoom operations.”

According to the company, the media system in Apple TV could spot the movements of wand via any appropriate motion detection component, like a gyroscope or an embedded accelerometer, AppleInsider quoted.

Along the same line, Apple said in a statement, “The wand may include an optical component for capturing images of the infrared modules, and may calculate its orientation and distance from the modules based on the captured images”.

The move would surely help the company to uncover the tremendous potential of Apple TVs in serving as fully capable media entertainment systems.

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Our Comments

In what is a classic pre-emptive action, Apple could well be preparing to take on the only competitor that stands in the way of Apple's domination of the entertainment market in the lounge. The iPhone has shown that Apple can develop a very elegant platform and it is therefore a matter of time before it can build up a full frontal attack on the gamin front on Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

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