Developers Want Sony To Slash PS3 Price

A number of high profiles games development studios have been calling on Sony to cut the price of its Playstation 3 console which is currently the highest of the three mainstream gaming consoles.

EA Sports head honcho, Peter Moore joined an increasingly vocal group of top gaming executives who want Sony to slash the price of the PS3 in order to foster competition.

The marketing boss of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Peter Dille, claimed that game developers wanted the company to give the PS3 away for free (ed: slashing the price wouldn't be a bad idea).

The relationship between publishers and game console manufacturers is symbiotic. If there is not enough consoles out there or if there is limited resources, publishers can decide to scale down work on one platform and concentrate on another.

This explains why Electronic Arts for example has released some titles exclusively on the Wii and is likely not to be the only one doing so. The same might happen soon with the iPhone gaming platform.

The call comes as Nintendo announced that the Wii would undergo a 11 percent price rise in the UK amidst the strengthening of the Japanese Yen in April. The Wii console is currently on sale for £179.99, while the XBox Arcade Pack costs £129.99 and the cheapest PS3 comes at a whopping £299.99.

The irony though isn't that Sony doesn't want to cut prices, it's more about the company not being able to do so. In 2008, the cost of manufacturing of the PS3 hovered around $400.

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Sony could well be the first victim if Apple decides to to take gaming more seriously. Nintendo has proved that there is life outside the core gaming community and the success of the iPhone as a portable gaming platform could give Apple enough incentives to relaunch the Apple TV as Pippin version 2009.

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