iPhone 3.0 To Have Copy and Paste Feature Says Digg Founder

As Apple is all set to unveil its latest iteration of iPhone operating systems this week, Digg founder Kevin Rose, who has the reputation for getting Apple rumours spot on (almost), has purported that the new iPhone OS 3.0 will include "copy" and "paste" capabilities.

Rose put forth the speculations at the live episode of the Diggnation recorded at the South by the Southwest event, in which he purported to have “confirmation” that copy-pasting feature would form the centrepiece of the new operating system which is scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow.

In order to select the text, he asserted, users would simply need to double-tap on a particular word and it brings a sort of magnifying glass, and then present “quotes” to cover the required text to carry out the needed action, though it's still indefinite whether this would be restricted to tasks like copying and pasting or would include feature for cutting the text.

Rose went on to predict that the new operating system will not include MMS messaging and video capturing capabilities; however, he also made comments on “multitasking” feature before being interrupted by the cheering crowd.

In addition, he also asserted that the upcoming iPhone 3.0 has the capability to “match the Palm Pre”, but didn't detailed how it will achieve this.

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Our Comments

Truth be said, Kevin Rose has a rather poor record when it comes to the iPhone. Before the launch of the original one, he repdicted that it would have a slide out keyboard adn two batteries. Last year, he did explicitly mention the release of a low end iPhone for around $200. Obviously none of those turned out to be true. With the Copy and Paste feature though, it is a dead cert that Apple will include it in the iPhone since it is a rather lousy mistake.

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