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Mozilla Launches Third Beta Of Firefox 3.1 Browser

After a couple of stoppages due to nasty bugs in its JavaScript engine TraceMonkey, Mozilla has finally unleashed the third beta of its signature web browser Firefox 3.1, the public preview version meant for “developer testing and community feedback”, the firm notified in a blog post.

The new beta, also known as “Shiretoko”, would offer the testers a faster Gecko rendering engine for content from web pages, along with much enhanced and stable execution of websites based on JavaScript, the firm added.

In addition to this, the new beta boasts of a range of handy features, such as Private Browsing Mode, with the capability of “Forget This Site” from the History tab, as well as support for advanced web technologies, including JavaScript Query selectors,W3C Geolocation API, SVG transforms, CSS 2.1 and 2.1 and 3 properties.

The new beta also scores better in terms of security, as it incorporates native JSON parsing support to safeguard the browser against any potential code execution attacks.

Earlier last week, Mozilla has also announced that the fourth beta of the browser would be released, with a subsequent release of release candidate before the final iteration of the browser, tagged as Firefox 3.5, finally becomes available.

Mozilla has asked the developers’ community downloading new beta, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, to check out the entire range of tweaks, available on Mozilla Development Centre blog, they require for providing better feedback.

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Our Comments

The jump from 3.1 to 3.5 highlights the wealth of features that Firefox developers have added to the celebrated open source browser. The competition is heating up with Safari and Chrome adding their own colours to the browsing market. Safari version 4.0 has already showed that Webkit and Apple can land some pretty good figures even as newbies.

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