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A Nokia Puzzle - Buy Business or Buy Consumer

Nokia is well known for finely segmenting their customer base, which is consequently why they have so many types of handsets available at any one time. The release of their 5730 XpressMusic is a case in point.

Around a month since Mobile World Congress saw the official launch of the business E75, the consumer 5730, announced on Wednesday, is a 100 Euros less purchase.

Spec wise they appear almost identical. Sure the E75 has a nice bit of chrome, but their guts are pretty much the same. In fact the cheaper 5730 comes with more internal memory, shipped with a larger capacity 8GB card, slightly lighter and has Carl Zeiss optics.

The E75 may of course be built to withstand the day to day business frustrations of its target users, with less plastic and more metal, but none the less it is just more expensive.

Given the monotony of travelling the 5730 seems to be perfect for bored credit crunched execs that like music and still want their push email.

Where does that leave the E75? Available that’s where as the 5730 isn’t expected until after June. I think I’ll wait.