Has T-Mobile Cut HTC's G1 Android Contract To £15 Per Month?

An advert in today's London Metro newspaper mentions that new customers could potentially get their mits on the new T-Mobile G1 Android phone for as little as £15 per month.

The Combi 15 on an 18-month contract costs £15 and give you 100 minutes anytime, any network plus 100 text and should in theory get you either the Nokia 5800 or the T-Mobile G1.

T-Mobile's website says that both mobile phones will cost you around £98 but the printed advert doesn't mention any premium charges for the phones, which could potentially get T-Mobile in hot waters.

The Sony Ericsson C905 mobile phone which appears in the same advert on page 18 costs north of £205 on T-Mobile website on the Combi 15 package and around £380 on Pay as You Go.

It is unlikely though that the mobile phone company will honour any claims for false advertising. Expect a slightly modified copy of the ad though in the next few months.

Cuts to the G1's price are widely expected after Amazon and Costco slashed the price of the first Android Phone to only $79.99 last week when purchasing a two year contract.

T-Mobile's next great deal costs £31.50 and offers £200 worth of calls and text, free mobile internet, the mobile phone on an 18 month contract.