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Symbian Readies New OS Roadmap

Symbian Foundation has outlined its aggressive roadmap for the release of its open source software along with its S60 operating system in upcoming two years.

According to its proposed roadmap, the foundation plans to come up with a new operating system after every six months, with the first such platform is expected to make its debut by the end of 2009.

The foundation notified in a blog post that the advanced iteration of the Symbian platform is expected to be “functionally complete” somewhere around the mid of this year, and hardened by the end of this year.

This implies that the new version, codenamed as “Symbian^2”, could be shipped by the end of 2009, and it will be based on S60 5.1, the interface developed by Nokia.

This clearly points out that the first devices employing the Symbian^2 platform could hit the market somewhere by the end of the year, David Wood, exec VP of research at Symbian Foundation, notified in a blog post.

In the same way, devices featuring Symbian^3 are expected to make debut around the mid of 2010, he added.

He further went on to say that the content on Symbian^2 and Symbian^3 is all set and most of the features of the operating systems are already agreed upon, but the features of the new Symbian^4 is “much more open to debate”.

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Our Comments

Symbian stands to lose the most against the wealth of newcomers. Google Android, the Apple iPhone, RIM and Palms Web OS plus Windows Mobile are all queuing up to grab a piece of Symbian's market share. But the platform will not go without a fight. With Nokia and some of the biggest names in the industry behind it, Symbian should do better than in the past few years when it comes to new features.

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