Vodafone User Gets £22,000 Mobile Internet Bill

A Vodafone user in UK has been hit by a mammoth £22,000 as broadband bill after he downloaded TV episodes during a holiday excursion abroad.

Will Pierce, 42, asserted that he along with his son Louis, had downloaded episodes of TV shows Kavanagh QC and Top Gear, as there were no English television channels available in their hotel.

Pierce took his £25 Vodafone data card on a holiday trip to Meribel, and used it to download TV shows at a cost vaguely around £300 per minute, with one show lasted for 18 minutes, costing him a whopping £5,132.

When he returned to his home after a five-day skiing trip from Meribel, he received a broadband bill for £21,716, with the amount charged on the basis of per-megabyte.

Expressing his disappointment over such a shocking bill, Pierce said in a statement, “I’m amazed that Vodafone could allow an individual to run up such a huge bill without any warning or agreement of a credit limit. It’s utterly staggering.”

However, Vodafone has relinquished the bill by saying that “such bills are exceptionally rare and we have an investigation underway”.

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Our Comments

There has been a few instances of similar Garguantuan phone bills in the past. You would expect the mobile phone provider to send maybe a text or simply disconnect the user instead. However, it would be to ingenuous from the user's point to claim ignorance. Vodafone only has to cut its cost or face utter public embarrassment and a PR disaster.

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