Apple App Store Reaches 25,000 Apps, 800 Million Downloads

Tucked in yesterday's iPhone OS 3.0 event was data Apple released about how the health of the App Store and how the future is shaping up for the mobile platform.

Microsoft, Google, Symbian, RIM and Palm now have a mountain to climb as the App store now has 25,000 apps instore online which have been downloaded more than 800 million times.

Given that App store has been released only 9 months (or 40 weeks) ago, this are very impressive figures only and mean that on average, 625 apps are released every week and 20 million applications from the App store are downloaded over the same period.

The sub-category of Apple's iTunes service reached the 500 millionth download milestone on the 15th of January, which means that the next 300 million downloads were garnered in around 2 months

Given that the app number from the App store is ever growing, it means that Apple will almost certainly reach the 1 billion download figure before the end of May 2009. In comparison, iTunes reached its 1 billionth download roughly 114 weeks after it was launched.

Furthermore, more than 50,000 firms and individuals have joined Apple's iPhone developer program, a staggering figure especially given the fact that only a third of them had actually developed for Apple before.

Apple also confirmed that only one in every 25 applications submitted to the App store are rejected with 98 percent of entering the App store getting approved in a week or less

App Store is now operating in 77 countries and available in several languages as well. That number is due to rise significantly as well as the number of Apple software development kit downloaded reaches the "one million" landmark in a couple of months.

The new version of the SDK now packs more than 1,000 new application programming interfaces (APIs). You can follow on Twitter @itproportal.

Our Comments

Apple's five main competitors are going to be scrutinising Apple's release to find out what the company will be up next. The Cupertino-based is becoming slowly becoming the biggest and most powerful technology company worldwide. The App store is a perfect example of Apple's consumer oriented philosophy; almost mesmerising and with very little left out.

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