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T-Mobile Introduces Instant Push Email Service

Sprucing up its offerings in web services on mobile networks, T-Mobile has come up with a new instant email service letting users to access their email accounts directly by using their mobile handsets.

The new service, which would cost around £3.50 a month, will be available for free on a selected range of Nokia devices for the first month to mark its debut.

The service would enable customers to connect up to five email accounts, including Hotmail or Google Mail, with each email account can be separated out into distinct inboxes, and alerts customers to download new messages through a SMS notification.

Richard Warmsley, chief of entertainment and internet at T-Mobile, asserted that though the technology isn’t new to the market, but it will surely come handy for a wide range of users.

“All our customers want to be up to date and involved with what’s going on, whether they be buying a house or organising a holiday with friends, and receiving and sending emails straight to your phone just makes life a little easier”, he said

The service would enable users to check their all important mails without taking the hassles of logging on to the internet for the purpose, and in addition to this, it can further update and back up contacts, email addresses, as well as calendar to the handset.

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Our Comments

Good thing that T-Mobile is getting Push email for its clients. Quite interesting as well that it does work with Google's Gmail which would in theory allow you to get Google Apps to work seamlessly with it. At £42 per annum, it is not as expensive as one could expect. It is not known whether the technology will be deployed to brands other than Nokia. T-Mobile does sell RIM's Blackberries.

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