UK Kids Spend 43.5 Hrs Per Month Surfing The Web

Parents in UK confirmed their status as one of Europe's worst as a significant proportion doesn't even know how many hours their kids spend on average on the web or what kind of content their children are exposed to.

According to a new report, tagged as “Norton Online Living Report”, commissioned by the security company Symantec, children in UK are spending as much as 43.5 hours over the web, while their parents believe that they surf the web for around 18.8 hours in a week.

The recent report, which included 9,000 web users worldwide, further revealed that UK parents are more likely to employ internet checks, to keep their children away from accessing inappropriate websites, as 54 percent of the parents in UK have had these checks in place, as against one thirds of parents across the world.

Incidentally, while 81 percent of parents surveyed claimed to have a good idea about the content their kids are watching over the web, 31 percent of kids asserted that their parents have had no idea at all.

The survey further revealed that around one third of children in UK are making friends with their parents on social networking websites, whereas 65 percent parents were quite confident about discussing issues surrounding personal information and privacy.

Asserting the need for placing effective controls over the web, Symantec’s Internet safety advocate Marian Merritt said in a statement, “It’s not about coming down hard on them when they encounter inappropriate content, as the Internet is a great place to learn and to play, but there have to be boundaries”.

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Our Comments

43.5 hours is a fairly long time; that's nearly two days. The net is probably more interesting than watching hours of mind-numbing fast-food television, but it also brings in its own set of rules and issues as well such as monitoring what your child is looking at and who is s/he meeting online.

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