UK Startup Launch Super Fast Downloading Game Service

Taking all the agonies out of the time-consuming game downloading processes, a UK company called Awomo has unleashed a new technology which lets gamers to start playing the game while downloading it.

Since a majority of the contemporary games have file sizes that generally ranging over 1 GB, downloading these games consume significant amount of users’ time that eventually leaves gamers into the clutches of frustration.

But, with the new technology from Awomo this could soon become the thing of the past, as it involves downloading the core engine first, and other related software code later, thereby allowing gamers to play the first level while the other levels of the game download in the background.

The first game being available with Awomo’s technology is Tomb Raider Legend, which has a massive file size of 7.2 GB, and users would just require downloading 652 MB worth of files so as to start playing the game.

“This is a super-fast way of distributing games. For the first time we have created a system that really does for games what iTunes does for music”, said Roger Walkden, chief exec of Awomo.

However, the system has its own restrictions, as the open-ended games, like Fallout 3, which can’t be divided into chunks, simply won’t work with it.

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Our Comments

We don't know whether Awomo has patented this procedure but in case they didn't, nothing would prevent Steam or any other online gaming service to copy that download while you game service and roll it out. Furthermore, the other issue it introduces has to do with playability. Downloading data in the background requires resources and if your computer is not up to scratch, this might slow down your PC.

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