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Dell Launches Studio One 19 All in One PC In UK

Box Shifter Dell has announced the release of its uber cool Studio One integrated PC in the UK as from the 27th of April as it looks to take on Apple's popular Mac Dekstop range.

The computer will be available from £579 and will come with a host of upgrades including the ability to add touchscreen capability and change the colour scheme of the Studio One; five are available.

The 18.5-inch screen is a 16:9 ratio and is capable of displaying up to 1366x768 pixels the chassis is made up of aluminium, fabric and glass; the only external peripherals include a wireless keyboard and mouse with the speakers presumably integrated into the chassis.

The Studio One 19 will be built an Intel Platform only with processors ranging from the humble Celeron to the all powerful Core 2 Quad model. Graphics will be handled by an Nividia Geforce 9200 or 9400 integrated chipset.

Up to 4GB RAM and a 750GB hard disk drive can be crammed into the all in one computer, complete with a slot loaded optical drive with Blu-Ray option and WiFi connectivity by which time, the upgrades will nearly double the price of the PC.

A 22-inch version is apparently on the decks and should in theory be released shortly afterwards; the Dell Studio One 19 is already available in Japan since last week and will compete with HP's Touchsmart range and Asus' EEE Top as well.

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Our Comments

The price of Apple's iMac, which features a bigger 20-inch screen, starts as from £949, which may seem incredibly expensive but then, Apple always commanded a premium price. At the other end of the spectrum, Asus's EEE Top PC comes with a smallish 15.6-inch touchscreen and a lightweight Atom processor but costs only £428.

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