Google UK Officially Releases Street View Map Service

Google has finally unleashed its much-touted UK version of “Street View” service, allowing web users to have 3-dimensional view of the streets of some of the major cities across the UK.

The new service, which will include almost 22,360 miles of roads in as many as 25 cities across the UK, contains a large number of 3D video images linked together to create a virtual copy of the streets of the cities.

The service allows web users to enter the UK address or postcode to have a 360 degree horizontal and 290 degree vertical panoramic view of the streets, including detailed pictures of the buildings, cars, and even people there on the streets.

Though the service had been subjected to privacy concerns in the US, the search engine giant believes that its Street View service will be of great help to shoppers, tourists, and people looking for buying a house.

As of now the service includes views from 17 cities in England, two cities in Wales, and four cities in Scotland, with more cities are expected to join the service in upcoming years.

Since its launch in the US around a couple of years back, Street View service from Google has been expanded to cities in a number of countries including Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, and New Zealand.

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Our Comments

As controversial as it may sound, Google Street View is going to be a real boon for those looking to pre-visit a place. Although it might have some dubious use - thieves or terrorists planning robberies and attacks - it should not prevent Google from launching the service. It would be interesting to find out how often Google will be updating the pictures. Also will there be any user interaction (maybe uploading pics).

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