Have an iPhone 3G? Don’t expect multitasking, ever

So now we know how Apple will keep us buying iPhones. Bring out a handset, support it for a single major update and then only partial support in the future.

Case in point is the latest 3.0 announcement. It is inconceivable to believe that the original iPhone is physically not capable of handling MMS and Bluetooth Stereo.

The original iPhone was built using some of the best mobile technology of the time which in its turn was developed from many years experience of 2G chip sets.

MMS is a capability that the lowliest 2G handsets possess, my first being the Ericsson T68 of seven years ago. Perhaps they are protecting users from low data speeds, but then shouldn’t users decide what is usable and what isn’t?

Now Apple has declared that the battery life of the iPhone and iPhone 3G is not up to the mark for multitasking (interesting they didn’t mention a comparison with Symbian handsets in their presentation).

So now what are the odds that the next iPhone will have a higher capacity battery, and with the release of a 4.0 software update next year, the iPhone 3G will not have multitasking support but this year's new iPhone will. Well Apple have to make their money somehow.