Samsung Debuts Samsung Movies Download Store

Samsung has released a competitor to Apple's iTunes media service called Samsung Movies and is initially available to Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition owners only.

More mobile phones and devices like MP3 and MP4 players, laptops or desktop computers, aer expected to be added soon and the download store will be offering 500 movies and TV shows now with 1000 more coming up in the next few months.

The downloads which are available from £2.49 for a 24-hour rental and from £4.99 for purchase. A quick browse through the service shows that Samsung's pricing is consistently more expensive than downloads from or iTunes.

Punters will need Windows Media Player 11 to play the DVD-quality file and will receive a free low-quality version for their mobile phones.

The service will be available in the United Kingdom and Germany with other European countries to follow and is powered by digital movie firm Acetrax.

Nick Turner-Samuels, head of content at Samsung Mobile UK, said that “We’re very excited to be able to provide customers access to their favourite movies and TV shows across a number of different Samsung platforms. On top of this, it’s all in superior picture and sound quality to the standard currently available in the market”.

Samsung is also offering a new Mobile Applications download section, showing the Korean manufacturer's ambitions to take on Apple. The section contains around 700 applications, a fraction of Apple's 25,000 apps in the App Store.

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Our Comments

Good luck to Samsung as it tries to take Apple head on. As much as we applaud Samsung's attempt to get something close to the App Store, we believe that like Vodafone's half-hearted trial, the Korean Chaebol could have done a much better job. Outsourcing the management to a third party only calls for trouble. Higher price, bad integration, DRM et al.

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