Asus Will Sell EEE PC 1008HA Netbook For £359

Asus's Jaw-dropping Mac Book Air and Adamo contender, the EEE PC 1008HA, is set to be sold for a not so unreasonable £359 including 15 percent VAT.

That's a fifth of the Dell's Adamo price and less than a third of the price of the Apple Mac Book Air and is currently our outsider as far as sheer value for money sexiness is concerned.

The 1008HA will be powered by a single core Intel N280 Atom CPU with 1GB RAM (which should be upgradable), a 160GB hard disk drive and a 10.2-inch LED backlit screen capable of displaying 1024x600 pixel.

It also has a card reader, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth, a 1.3-megapixel webcam, mini VGA connector, one USB port and will be powered by Windows XP Home.

The 1008HA weighs around 1.1Kg, which is less than Dell's Adamo, is less than 25mm at its thickest and should be able to work comfortably for up to five hours.

It is likely that a higher version of the laptop emerges with a 12 or even 13 inch LCD, edge to edge screen with a SSD storage option, possibly for as little as £500.

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Our Comments

Asus must release a version of the 1008HA with more sharp angles, more rectangular, a bit like Adamo. Ditch the EEE branding and bump the battery life to 8 hours and even at £600, this netbook will be a winner. Asus now needs to make sure that the EEE PC branding keeps its premium value or otherwise, the average selling price will go down the drain.

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