Bletchley Park Saved by Social Networking Websites

Bletchley Park, a legendary historical site known for wartime code breaking efforts during the Second World War, has received the prestigious Wickes Building with Pride award.

This esteemed win for Bletchley Park can be accredited to the use of various social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr that helped the site achieving an impressive 45 percent of the total online votes.

Bletchley Park emerged as a clear winner from the list of as many as 30 finalists including ‘The Needles Old Battery’ from Isle of Wight, Liverpool’s ‘The Cavern Club’, and Portsmouth’s ‘The Spinnaker’.

The win for the site is really striking, as the building is not in the best condition; however, it was on the verge of being closed around a year ago, but funding from the English Heritage saved it.

Commenting upon the role of social media campaign in helping the site to achieve the top spot, Dr Sue Black, from the Bletchley Park trust, said in a statement, “We wouldn't have won without social media. This kind of campaign wouldn't have been possible a few years back. It's power to the people”.

It seems that fortunes have really turned for Bletchley Park, as just around a week back, Bletchley Park had received some substantial funding from the Milton Keynes Council for necessary repairs and mending.

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Our Comments

Just like OAPs and former soldiers, Bletchley Park deserves to be restored and safeguarded. The building has been pivotal to the success of the allied forces during the second world war and is likely to be safe for a foreseeable future. However a long term solution needs to be found soon. National Lottery funding would be welcomed.

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