Google Introduces Undo Send Feature For Gmail

Google has upgraded the offerings of its signature email service Gmail by introducing a new feature which allows users to call back a sent email, in case they change their minds over sending it.

The new feature, tagged as “Undo Send”, would allow Gmail users to prevent email sending for up to five seconds after they press the “Send” tab, and it is tailored for the moments when the users realize that they’ve send the message to a wrong person, or they’ve omitted the email attachment.

The feature can be enabled by clicking the “Settings” option on the main page of Gmail, followed by clicking on to the “Labs” feature, and enabling “Undo Send” option from there, after which ‘Undo’ option would feature alongside every sent mail confirmation.

Commenting upon the Gmail’s new feature, Michael Leggett, user experience designer for Google, said in a statement, “Click ‘Undo,’ and we'll grab the message before it's sent and take you right back to compose”.

However, Leggett further warned users that ‘Undo Send’ feature wouldn’t recall the email that has already been sent, but it offers users a grace period of five seconds to decide upon whether to send the mail or not.

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Our Comments

Well! We think we've got a winner here for the best Gmail Labs feature ever. This one beats Mail Googles and the rest of the Gmail Labs add-ons. It is a shame though that Google doesn't allow you to configure the number of seconds you have before it is too late.

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