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Google Partners With Sony To Offer 500,000 Books Free

Taking competition in the ebook domains to next level, Google and Sony has inked a deal which would allow Sony to include as many as half-a-million public domain books from the search engine giant into it’s signature Sony eBook Store.

The move, which increases the total count of titles to over 600,000 in Sony eBook Store, would enable users to access their favourite books using their PCs or Sony’s PRS-700 and PRS-505 ebook reader devices.

Asserting on the worth of the deal in providing seamless accessibility of prominent titles to eBook enthusiasts, Steve Haber, president of digital reading business division at Sony, said in a statement, “We have focused our efforts on offering an open platform and making it easy to find as much content as possible”.

“Working with Google, we can offer book lovers another avenue for free books while still providing a seamless experience from our store”, he added.

The new deal would surely place Sony in a much better position against the rival Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader, which offers users to access around 245,000 closed format titles.

Free Titles from Google will include some of the legendary literary works from Jane Austen and Mark Twain, with several books in different languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, German, jut to name a few.

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Our Comments

Sony's partnership with Google is puzzling. Sony is not known for its openess - remember Memory Stick, ATRAC, the 2005 Rootkit scandal - and Sony's eReader is probably less popular than Amazon's Kindle. Why then didn't Google forge an alliance with Amazon? Is GoogleZon a prospect that will never happen?

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