94 Percent Of Facebook Users Disagree With New Site Layout Change

A poll started by irate Facebook users has shown that the overwhelming majority rejected the new layout adopted by the social networking website.

At the time of writing, only 6 percent of users who took the poll gave a thumb up to Facebook's new site layout out of a total of 1.26 million voters with nearly 75,000 comments being left.

User Nanette Le Roux captured the general feeling amongst those who left negative comments, saying that the new interface "isn't user-friendly at all, a lot less interesting and I'm getting spammed by random applications I don't care about. Just another way to shove random, useless advertising into our faces."

Facebook's interface change appears to be a direct hit at rising micro-blogging star, Twitter. Experts say that Facebook could be looking to make the website more "real-time" in nature, which has left many users furious.

In a statement to BBC's Radio 1 programme, Newsbeat, a spokesperson for Facebook said that "We are listening carefully to what people are saying about the new home page through a variety of channels — including through a popular application, built by outside developers on our platform, that allows users to vote and express their opinion."

But if the abrupt Twitterisation of Facebook is anything to go by, it seems that the social networking website's management has a lot to learn when it comes to listening to the very people who made the website a success.

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Our Comments

There is an interesting debate going on about whether users know what's best for a company. Zuckerberg clearly doesn't think so and he made it clear in internal employee emails before. He may be right but he's certainly playing a risky game. Facebook did introduce Beacon in 2007 which was welcomed with a barrage of criticisms. Ditto for the changes in Facebook's terms and conditions back in February 2009.

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