Laura Overton – Towards Maturity Survey

In this podcast, Ben Chai, editor of Learning Technologies magazine and Laura Overton, Director of Towards Maturity, discuss the recent results from the 2009 Towards Maturity survey:

- On what companies are spending their training budget on and

- The effect of whatever type of training is being used.

If you would like a copy of this survey or to take part in future surveys at

Towards Maturity is a free service to help you improve the impact of learning technologies at work. The goal of the Towards Maturity project is to support those who are responsible for delivering effective learning in the workplace. The Towards Maturity research has shown that organisations that are mature in the use of technology based learning, perceive more business impact, improved staff impact and increased adoption and usage of e-learning from their employees.

Organisations that are mature in technology based training know the where, when, how, who and why when implementing the technology based learning and it is the aim of the Towards Maturity site to collate stories from the world of work to help others grow into the maturity of the more experienced organisations.

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Listen to Laura Overton on a Shocking Statistic from this Survey