Samsung Launches NC310 Chubby Netbook

Korean manufacturer Samsung is releasing yet another netbook, the NC310, which will surely be remembered for its slightly chubby and rounded profile.

According to info extracted by Akihabaranews, the NC310 comes in a number of pastel colours and will be built using the bog-standard Netbook platform; Intel Atom CPU (almost certainly) , 1GB RAM, a 160GB Hard disk drive, a 10.1-inch LCD and a 1.3-megapixel camera.

Other specifications include Windows XP Home, a 5-hour battery life (which can be bumped to a whopping 11 hours), Bluetooth, VGA Out, a card reader, 3 USB Ports, WiFi, HDSPA, WiMax, all crammed in a 1.23Kg rubberised (shock resistant?) package.

Samsung has opted for raised keys - à la Macbook - for its keyboard although the huge SAMSUNG embossed logo might not be to the taste of many.

The casing, which Samsung calls "pebble smooth" and "luxurious" will certainly be a talking/contention point. Neither the pricing nor the availability of the NC310 have been confirmed by Samsung officials.

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Our Comments

The NC310 is cute. Whether it will be a winner remains to be seen. In all fairness, Samsung is trying its earnest to catch up on Asus's EEE range but still lacks a number of products. The Korean firm is too timid when it comes to tackling the netbook market and this is certainly due to the fact that Samsung has a stronger presence in the laptop market.

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