Apple To Release $99 3G Netbook Says AT&T Source

A source situated "pretty high up in AT&T’s food chain" apparently told the BoyGeniusReport website that a $99 3G Apple netbook will be coming out this summer.

Although this might be part of a disinformation campaign, BGR is known for its reliable sources and if this information nugget is confirmed, then it means that the 3G Apple netbook will ship without a Windows OS and possibly with Apple's own iPhone OS 3.0.

Although a $99 appears to be uncommonly cheap, it is likely that the netbook will be offered on a 2-year contract and subsidised by the network operator. The 8GB iPhone costs $69.99 per month at least including a compulsory $30 per month data plan on top of the $199 fee for the 8GB iPhone 3G.

We have already ruminated over Apple's prospective netbook (8 Ways The Apple Netbook Will Be Different) and the cheap entry price could mean that Apple will be going for a cut down Netbook that will not compete with its cheapest Macbook, at least not for now.

What can we expect then? Maybe a iPhone OS based netbook with a keyboard and a 10.1-inch touchscreen. Essentially a large version of the iPod Touch then. There are also rumours that Apple will be using Marvell's 1GHz PXA168 CPU in its netbook.

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Our Comments

Apple never previously sold the iPhone unlocked and SIM Free. So it wouldn't be a surprise that its mobile internet device comes at an affordable price but with huge strings attached. Again, the $99 price point is too low for an expensive Macbook-esque Netbook which leaves us with the option of a cheap Netbook maybe based on the original, innovative Psion Netbook.

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(Boy Genius Report)