Official : 3 Cuts price of 15GB Broadband Package to £15

Broadband provider Three has announced that it will be cutting its top mobile broadband package by 50 percent making it only £5 cheaper than its entry level £10 broadband package.

In contrast, Vodafone's £15 mobile broadband package provides you with a 3GB data transfer limit albeit on a 12 month contract.

As published last week, the two year contract comes with a free ZTE dongle and costs the same as a 5GB 18-month contract. That said, you can pick four other USB modem with a few of them Linux friendly.

Three says that the 15GB allowance per month equates to 20 hours of browsing per day - that's 25MB of data downloaded per hour - or roughly 2000 emails per day.

The mobile network also says that only 3 percent of users will ever go beyond the 15GB limit, prompting 3 to say that it has "created this proposition to address consumer fears over out of bundle charges, giving real peace of mind".

Your mobile broadband connection will be limited to 3.6Mbps though but unlike some other providers, you will be allowed to use Skype although peer to peer is likely to be discouraged. The ZTE MF627 USB modem provided also doubles as a microSD card reader.

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Our Comments

Although we have some concerns regarding 3's network coverage nationwide, we can't help but be pleased with their price cuts. Hopefully others will follow suit soon. Three is also offering their entry level 1GB package for a fiver for existing customers and existing contract owners can slash 25 percent off the price of their mobile broadband package every month.

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