Selling Unlocked Apple iPhones From £550

Popular online retailer has started to sell the unlocked version of the Apple iPhone for £549.99 for the 8GB version and £599.99 for the 16GB model, both in black.

Some say that it is yet another sign that Apple is planning a mass stock clearance of remaining iPhones. It is actually the first time that new unlocked iPhones are offered legally and points to the looming release of a new iPhone 2009 model.

Play says that "This is a genuine Sim Free mobile phone and therefore unlocked to all UK networks. It is not unlocked from a UK or European network and is available due to EU legislation ensuring the sale of SIM free mobile phones. Comes with a full manufacturer warranty."

The move by comes a few days after O2 confirmed that it would essentially be cutting the entry price of the iPhone contract where you can get a free iPhone to £34.26 (instead of £44.05) per month.

The Jersey based company is not the first one in the UK selling unlocked Apple iPhones. Expansys sells unlocked refurbished iPhones 3G for as much as £635 - without warranty while Computer Exchange sells an unlocked 8GB version for £375 with the 16GB version going for £400.

As a reminder, the 8GB version of the iPhone costs a whopping £342.33 on Pay as you go. You can follow on Twitter @itproportal.

Our Comments

Not necessarily the smartest move if you want to get your mitts on the latest iPhone. If you can afford to wait for 100 days, then you might save yourself a significant amount of money. And if money is no issue, then you would almost certainly have purchased an iPhone already. Jailbreaking the iPhone 3G on O2 is easy which means that it is unlikely that official unlocked Apple iPhones will be popular.

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