4 Ways To Get An Unlocked Apple iPhone 3G Now

Getting an unlocked iPhone is no longer as difficult as it used to be, at least if you only want to get it without resorting to jail breaking it deliberately.

We managed to get five places across Europe where you can either order or literally walk away with an unlocked 8Gb iPhone 3G without Apple treating you like a criminal.

You can also buy it straight from Play.com for a mere £549.99 (8GB, black version). There is a popular 5 percent discount method that you can find on Hotukdeals and was initially made available for RAC Members.

That should bring the price at around £522 including VAT and delivery. In addition to that, you can collect more than 1000 Nectar points if you have a Nectar card and this is worth more than £5 if you shop at Sainsburys.

Computer Exchange sells the unlocked Apple iPhone 3G for only £395. CEX says that it is a second hand product but it is in excellent condition, complete with original box and accessories as sold when new. Furthermore, all items come with a full 1 year warranty.

If you want to walk in a high street store and buy is in France. Get yourself on the Eurostar and go in any FNAC store in Paris. They are selling the iPhone for 699.03 Euros (that's around £643 pounds). It is not cheap though especially when you factor in the price of the return ticket to Paris.

Another popular way of making your Apple iPhone 3G unlocked is to use one of those popular unlocking Simcard. The Rebel model seems to be popular and at £25 a piece, it is less expensive than many and do not require that you update your firmware, which means that you do not void your iPhone's precious warranty. Rebel claims that the card is compatible with any network and would in theory be a perfect complement to the iPhone 3G on PAYG.

You could also argue that Ebay could potentially be a place where you can get an unlocked Apple iPhone 3G although we would strongly advise you against that method, especially if it involves a non-UK contact which is not a seller and uses a software unlocking method.

The last thing you need to ask yourself is whether you actually need an unlocked Apple. The iPhone 3G is available from O2 on PAYG for around £340 - that's a full £200 cheaper than in other places.

If you are looking for a great PAYG deal, you should look into their SIM only Simplicity tariffs that starts for £9.79 per month and gives you up to 33 percent more minutes and messages if you commit to 12 month.