Nintendo Wii Sales Surpasses 50 Million Units

Sales of the insanely popular Nintendo Wii gaming console have already surpassed 50 million units according to the company's top commander, Satory Iwata.

Addressing an audience of gaming professionals at the GDC in San Francisco, Iwara stressed on the fact that the Nintendo Wii is selling faster than the Sony Playstation 2 at the same time, making it the fastest selling platform of all times.

The PS2 took 36 months to reach this milestone and is widely believed to have sold more than 150 million units by now, more than 9 years after it first debuted in Japan.

The number of Wii sold is roughly equivalent to the sales of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 combined. In comparison, Nintendo's previous console, the Gamecube, sold a mere 21 million units during its lifetime.

Nintendo announced earlier in the month that it had shipped its 100 millionth Nintendo DS gaming console nearly four and a half years after it was launched.

In comparison, nearly 200 million iPod and iPod Touch media players have been sold worldwide since it was released in October 2001.

The Wii was released in November 2006 and supply has been struggling to meet demand after a number of hugely successful campaigns which brought non gamers into the foray.

Our Comments

The Wii and the DS consoles have changed the way people game and showed what has been one of the biggest come back in the world of technology - the other great Rocky Balboa story being obviously Apple and Jobs. Ironically, Nintendo and Apple might soon be locked into a fierce battle for the lounge supremacy.

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