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Blackberry Smartphones Get Google Mobile App With Voice Search

Google has released its Google Mobile Application on RIM's Blackberry smartphones and added voice control although this functionality is apparently unavailable on its flagship model, the touchscreen capable Storm.

The software also include the usual features that one expects from Google; Google Maps, Gmail, RSS reader etc and should work on Blackberry's 40 million smartphones like a charm.

The search engine company said in a blog post that the voice search capability would support "British English" accent although it would only work with BlackBerry OS 4.2 and above.

In an entry posted on Google's Mobile App blog, Luca Zanolin wrote "If you're like us and hate typing on that tiny keyboard, you'll be glad to hear that Google Mobile App on your BlackBerry will let you search with your voice and with My Location. Give it a try by visiting (opens in new tab) on your BlackBerry".

My Location works using the mobile phone network's towers and triangulation to calculate the approximate location of the user.

As for searching by voice, it is as simple as talking on a walkie-talkie. Just press a button and talk to the phone. Google already has Google Mobile Apps for the iPhone, Symbian and for the Android Plaform.

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Our Comments

One has to wonder why the Storm has been excluded from the list. Is Google trying to gag Android's competition already? Maybe not given the fact that iPhone and Symbian already have Google's Mobile App.

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