Twitter Founder Reveals Premium, Paid-For Plans

Twitter will be launching more business oriented services to generate more revenues according to the co-founder of the micro-blogging phenomenon, Biz Stone.

In an email to Reuters, Stone gave the clearest indication that the company may be offering premium, paid-for features for businesses, stating that "[We think] there will be opportunities to provide services to commercial entities that help them get even more value out of Twitter. If these services are valuable to companies, we think they may want to pay for them".

And he has a point. The top 3 news websites on the service have nearly 1.4 million followers amongst them, each of whom may access the website several times a day. W00t and Dell Outlet, two shopping websites have 530,000 followers together, with Dell saying that Twitter help the company make $1 million already.

A prospective Twitter Pro/Premium version will help the company generate much needed revenue from the estimated 7 million unique visitors that the site welcomed in February 2009, a 15x increase over the same period 12 months before.

Last year, Twitter turned down a $500 million takeover offer from social networking website Facebook which has since moved to Plan B (twitterising Facebook's profile page).

Twitter investors have already contributed more than $75 million in the micro-blogging website and it is likely that the company will need more capital investment just to keep it running as it grows exponentially.

Twitter is currently experimenting with text adverts in the right hand side column bar as well as on the search engine result page. On Monday, it launched, together with software giant Microsoft and social Media company Federated Media, a new breed of vertical Twitter website, Exectweets.

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Our Comments

Paid for Twitter is not necessarily bad. It depends what kind of premium services will be bundled in the price otherwise users will be likely to migrate to other platforms like Introducing the freemium concept to its million of employees will be the first test for Twitter. Geek website BBSpot however has a clue as to a number of new accounts that Twitter might unveil soon.

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