Nearly Half of Broadband Customers Unhappy With ISP Customer Service

A survey conducted by uSwitch showed that nearly half of internet users in UK are not satisfied by the level of service they receive from their internet service providers.

It also showed that we are more concerned about the speed performance, value and service we receive from the ISPs. This, according to uSwitch means that many customers are swayed away by smaller, nimbler ISPs.

Telefonica owned O2 has been identified as the one providing with the best overall customer service with a whopping 92 percent of customers saying they are happy with the service. O2 uses Bethere's network to provide the service to its customers and managed to snap 9 out of 11 top spots.

O2 has received many kudos for the affordability of its fixed landline broadband which starts at only £7.34 if you are an O2 customer. The standard package comes with free UK customer service, free McAfee software, no connection charge and unlimited downloads.

More than 12,000 customers were queried and three household names - AOL broadband (owned by Carphone Warehouse), BT and Orange - squatted the bottom three spots in overall satisfaction despite owning 50 percent of the broadband market in the UK.

While the price of the average monthly broadband tariff fell slightly in a year, from £15.27 to £14.55, the average speed actually rose from 3.6Mbps to 4.2Mbps, due partly to the wider availability of higher speed packages.

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Our Comments

Not everything in the survey is dark though although, as uSwitch found out, the gap between the worst and the best ISPs grew by 26 percent. The level of customer satisfaction increased since the last survey and there seems to be a few clear winners which should make customers' choice easier.

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