Openbravo World Conference 2009

This free event will see the largest global gathering of Openbravo community members to date, with close to 300 attendees expected.

Empowering the Ecosystem” will be the recurring theme throughout the conference, with sessions featuring community members sharing their experience from working around Openbravo ERP, along with those of Openbravo’s visionaries.

Individuals and companies will be rewarded in the first Openbravo Community Awards - presented for outstanding contributions to ERP and POS projects.

Renowned keynote speakers will be kicking off each community day, namely Matt Asay, Alfresco’s VP of Business Development and Richard Daley, CEO of Pentaho, both experts in open source enterprise.

The event will take place from the 17th to the 19th April, 2009, NH Constanza, Barcelona, Spain. Find out more here.