Rumour : Skype Client For Apple's iPhone Out Next Week?

Skype could be releasing its popular VoIP client for the Apple iPhone platform as early as next week which could finally bring together two of the most disruptive forces in mobile telephony.

Gigaom's Om Malik reports that a "very reliable" tipster told him that Skype is almost ready to launch an iPhone version as early as next week and possibly during the CTIA Wireless event which will be the focus of the global mobile industry for a few days.

It is very likely that Skype has a working client for the iPhone as well as for other yet-to-be released platforms (that includes Google's Android). The market is also slowly maturing with a growing number of smaller VoIP players like iSkoot, Fring and Truphone offering Skype access to their own users.

Apple doesn't have any problems with Skype or Voice over IP per se (otherwise Fring would have been banned from the App Store). Instead, it is the mobile phone industry which has not yet warmed up to the idea of massively rolling out Voice over IP.

Hutchinson Whampoa, the company behind 3 Network, is the only one which has openly supported Voice Over IP and Skype across its network. T-Mobile in the UK, has also been rumoured to consider Skype.

It is currently against the terms of services to make VoIP calls over the AT&T network and on O2's network which would essentially kill any Skype-client in the yolk, except if you have access to WiFi.

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Now, the great news as well is that a Skype Client for the iPhone would almost certainly be compatible with the iPod Touch and if the iPhone Skype client is compatible with Skype's subscriptions. Calls to UK landline costs only £1.95 per month while calls to mobile will cost you 14p per minute.

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