Twitter Partners With Vodafone Over Free UK SMS Updates

Twitter is partnering with Vodafone to dish out free UK SMS updates, something that the micro blogging company cancelled last year amidst cost concerns.

The deal though will be limited to Vodafone customers who will be able not only to receive SMS updates on their mobile phones but also update their accounts simply by sending another text message.

Users will not need any applications and can send tweets to the SMS number "86444". Vodafone's head of Internet services commented on the news saying that they were delighted to be the only operator in the UK today to offer Twitter on SMS to their customers.

The Guardian is also reporting that the other main networks may also sign up with Twitter and follow Vodafone's position. The Guardian mentioned three mobile networks but Orange was notoriously absent.

Twitter's Co-founder, Biz Stone, said last eyar that the cost of termination fees could go up to $1000 per user per annum which was impossibly high and was the main reason behind Twitter's decision to stop the service last year.

The micro-blogging website is on the brink of becoming mainstream, boosted partly by some high profile users like Britney Spears and Barack Obama. The UK government has also announced plans to integrate Twitter in the primary school curriculum.

Furthermore, Stone has said that Twitter is likely to offer premium, paid-for services to its business users in a bid to generate more revenues.

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The current economic conditions have forced mobile phone companies to up their game and unlimited texts have now become the norm on a number of packages. The truth though is that SMS costs next to nothing to send. Vodafone is currently doing an unlimited text SIM card offer for £5 (with a fair usage limit of 3000 texts), that's 0.17 penny per text.

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